Our 青少年多项运动 Camp is designed to introduce younger campers to a variety of sports by incorporating basic sport skills and equipment into modified age-appropriate games and activities that are lots of fun. Imaginations are captured while children improve coordination, balance, strength, eye-hand coordination and agility. Emphasis is on personal skill development so campers are grouped with others of similar age and skills, while collaborative activities stress team participation in an inclusive 在mosphere.



The camp will be broken into two divisions by age (5-7) and (8-10). Each day campers participate in a wide variety of athletic activities and sports such as soccer, lacrosse, basketball, flag-football (no physical contact), floor hockey, and softball. Open swim in included two days a week. Our experienced staff will guide each camper to expand their personal development, athletic skills and knowledge of various sports according to each individual’s abilities, regardless of previous athletic experience. Personal best, team particip在ion and sportsmanship are stressed in a fun and active environment.

营员每周在bbin官网游泳两次 威廉姆斯游泳馆. Swim tests are conducted 在...上 first day. Campers who fail or prefer not to take the test are supplied with life jackets and remain in the shallow end of the pool. Campers are allowed to retake the test at any time. The Nat在orium staff include a certified pool manager, certified lifeguards, and our trained camp staff who serve as lookouts. 2019年更新: 营地全周都可以游泳。

Lunches and snacks are included in tuition and are provided by Chartwells Dining Services. They are a nut-free organization who c在er bbin官网 学校 meals during the academic year. Special arrangements can be made for campers with food allergies. Lunches are served in the bbin官网 Upper School 食堂.

  • 延长护理 早在早上7点和深夜,您可以在室外和健身房锻炼身体,进行游戏,开放时间。下午的护理包括小吃。延伸护理位于 bbin官网 Lower School Brookside. Campers are bused to/from camp each day. Extended Care is also a nice option for families with multiple children attending more than one of our camps to reduce the number of pick up points; parents/guardians simply pick up and drop off all children attending 延长护理 在 Brookside.
  • 运输服务 可供穿梭露营者往返于特定站点 伯明翰 (上午8:10 /下午3:45), 罗切斯特山 (上午7:45 /下午3:45), 皇家橡树 (上午7:50 /下午4:05), 特洛伊 (上午8:10 /下午4:10),和 西布鲁姆菲尔德 (上午7:45 /下午3:45)。没有及时接送的露营者将被送往延长护理。
  • 游泳课 在营地日后的一周和最后35分钟提供1至5年级的小组课程。
  • 其他经过营地活动后,如国际象棋和编码。
  • 这些选项可以结合使用以满足您的需求。例如,您可以选择早上的交通服务和下午的延长护理。
  • 这些附加选项的后勤信息将在靠近营地开始的家长欢迎包中提供。
Communic在ion & Photos
Parents/guardians are emailed a newsletter each week that includes a recap from the prior week, highlights for the following week, field trip information, upd在ed group lists, lunch and snack menus, and merchandise available for sale. Daily camp photos are taken and posted in the 照片库 查看,发布和购买。

  • 学费:全额(4周)1410美元,一半(2周)700美元,部分(1周)395美元
  • 费用:如果在会议开始前21天内急促注册35美元
  • 折扣:4月1日之前提前入学(50美元/满; 25美元/半;使用代码 WEB19),额外会议(每个40美元)
  • 包括:午餐,上午/下午小吃,营地T恤
  • 选项:延长护理(上午75美元/周,下午95美元/周),运输服务(每周45美元/周),游泳课程(每周75美元),每月付款计划(免费)
欲获得更多信息 在...上 学校 营地, 请求信息 或联系 特殊和暑期课程 在 summer@cranbrook.edu 或(248)645-3674。

D在es, 时间s & 地点s

FS: 2019年7月8日至8月2日
其他营地 在7月8日之前和/或8月2日之后

H1: 2019年7月8日至7月19日
H2: 2019年7月22日至8月2日

W1: 没有会议。 其他营地.
W2: 没有会议。 其他营地.
W3: 没有会议。 其他营地.
W4: 2019年7月8日至7月12日
W5: 2019年7月15日至7月19日
W6: 2019年7月22日至7月26日
W7: 2019年7月29日至8月2日
W8: 没有会议。 其他营地.

上午9:00 - 下午3:00

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